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Fashion Accessories

Product Photography here at studio488 we use the latest technology to get you the right shots to sell your product each and every time be it a shoe, a bag, or a pair of cufflinks we have it covered.  We shoot as many angles as you require and our simple pricing structure ensures the whole process is simple and efficient.

Our no need to book means yo simply send in your goods, and we take care of the rest, treat us as an extension of your own business.

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Everything including the Kitchen sink

Shoes, bags, scarves, gloves, hats, socks, you wear it we shoot it.  Studio488 has been shooting fashion accessories as part of our product photography service for over 17 years.

We have produced hundreds of thousands product photography images in that time and have worked for many major designers, new emerging designers as well as a host of retailers and brands.  IF you are looking to shoot your fashion accessories then your in the right place, our inhouse team will be more than willing to help.