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A few Q & A’s


A few Q & A’s

A few Questions and Answers to commonly asked stuff.

Okay, we get asked a lot about how we do what we do and how, and it’s really easy and pretty boring!

Q: Do you have to be local to use the studio services?
A: Absolutely not almost all of our clients send stock to us via the post or courier – So box up your stock and send it to us, once finished, we send it back to you.

Q: Do you prepare the items are they going to be creased?
A: We prepare them if you’re using a studio that does not you are being short-changed!, we use commercial-grade steamers to ensure your items look great.

Q: Can i resell my items once you have finished?
A: In almost all cases your items come back to you repackaged back to how we received them, there are very few exceptions for example where packaging cannot be opened without cutting it open, or our bugbear – machine-folded formal shirts, there is no way a human can get them back in the packet, we do try though.

Q: How long does all this take?
A: We quote 3-5 business days, we do offer 24-hour and 48-hour options if you are in a rush.

Q: Can you beat my current supplier or quote
A: Yes we can, we do have to stipulate a like for like because Uncle Bob in his shed simply does not carry the same service, we are here 5 days a week, every week.

Q: Have you been doing this long and do you do any other photography?
A: Established in 2006 we specialize in studio photography, invisible Mannequin, model, and product photography, that’s it, nothing else.

Q: Do you only work with large retailers?
A: Definitely not we work with all retailers and treat them all the same, from small startups to global brands, everyone gets our fantastic service equally.

Q: Do you outsource your workload?
A: NO all our team is employed by the studio, post-production, photography, accounts, customer service, everyone, Craig and Katie who own the company work in the company with a fantastic team.  



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