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Fashion Video

Clothing and Fashion Video

Video is being used more and more in e-commerce as the technology is made easier to use, and price point is lowered, here at studio488 we have a dedicated video section in the studio to create perfect e-commerce videos to showcase your products or its benefits to the customer, why not combine your model shoot with video, our workflow ensures minimal time is wasted as models can go from one shooting area to the next seamlessly.

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Behind the Scenes

Why not get more bang for your buck? shooting behind the scenes of your latest campaign or product shoot makes perfect sense, use it for social media or a teaser video for your next launch.  So many companies miss out on this fantastic and extremely cost-effective way to do extra marketing.  

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Clothing Demonstrations

When still images just need that little extra video fills in the blanks.  Showing customers details and technical aspects of clothing enhances the customer experience and showcases perfectly the features of your product.  We see lots of clients simply assuming this such as a customer will know there is a pocket inside a jacket, or there is a vent under the arm.  Many people rely on images and video to make a purchase, Descriptions are great, but visuals are what make the conversion.

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