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Lay flat Clothing Photography

What is flat lay photography?

flat lay ecommerce clothing photography is simply the way the garment are shot and styled, they are arranged on a solid surface and captured from above.  There are no angles involved  since the surface and the lens is parallel to the clothing being photographed. 

 It’s a fantastic method to used in ecommerce to give a different look to garments.  Flat lay can be a more styled look, giving you more freedom to style the items, maybe a scrunched look, of a totally none symmetrical look.  The option to do a more formal shot where everything is straight and clean is also an option.

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How does it differ from other types of photography?

Flay lay gives a totally different look to all the other areas of photography,  and if done well creates a very uniform look to a website even if the garment is shot with a more styled and un-uniformed look.

If your product dictates a modern clean cut of a more stylized image then lay flay is work considering, one additional benefit of this type of photography is the size of the garment, with the model and mannequin the size needs to be quite accurate, with lay-flat there is a lot more room to create the look even with larger or odd size garments.

email for the best price, availability and service the UK guaranteed.