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Invisible Mannequin Photography

Are you looking for invisible mannequin photography? What exactly is a ghost mannequin, you may ask? Picture this: a unique photography technique that seamlessly removes the mannequin from your product images, creating a captivating and professional look. Here are the remarkable benefits of using Ghost mannequin and invisible mannequin for your ecommerce business: Enhance Product Presentation.

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Studio Model Photography

Using models for ecommerce offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience and drive sales. A super high quality image gives your customers confidence in their purchasing process.  Click read more for some key advantages: 

Clothing Photography - Detail

Clothing photography using invisible mannequin and Ghost mannequin is at its core the same principals, however our details shots break from the norm. 

We think our innovative approach to producing detail clothing photography shots greatly enhance your products and can be used for social media

Layflat Clothing photography

Layflat clothing photography offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for showcasing apparel and accessories. Firstly, it provides a clean and organized presentation of the products. By laying the garments flat on a surface, details such as patterns, textures, and designs can be captured more effectively, allowing potential customers to have a clear view of the product.

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Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a complicated and often misunderstood area of fashion photography.  Its usually a brand marketing tool or a way of showcasing a lifestyle that the brand is trying to get across to the customer.  Not used much in e-commerce but very well used in marketing.

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Creative Photography

As with Lifestyle photography, creative photography is an add-on to e-commerce.  stop motion animation, infographics, and the life

Creative photography is much more about showcasing items to the max.


Video - Clothing Videography

Video services include models 360, walk-ons, and video explainers to name a few.  Customers love to see features and other properties of a garment in a way still photography does not allow.  

Video can bring an item to life in a way stills simply cannot coupled with a model shoot is is an inexpensive way to showcase an items unique properties