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How to make invisible mannequin clothing photography


How to make invisible mannequin clothing photography

So you want to do your own clothing photography? well it’s quite easy with a few things, however result will vary and of course there is no substitute fop professional clothing photography.

Your going to need a decent mannequin, camera, some form of lighting, post production, a decent monitor.

Firstly preparation is key, your garments need to be wrinkle free, so out with the steamer, we don’t use irons in the studio, only professional steamers, once your garments are prepared and all the swing tickets ect removed, onto the mannequin, we never pin or dress the garment to the mannequin, if it does not fit then small adjustments are made but at the end of the day, the images need to represent the garment, or your returns will be sky high.

Now ensure you lighting is natural, colour balanced and you are ready to go.  Once photographed you need to take a picture of the inside of the garment this is used in post production to make the invisible mannequin effect, here at the studio we have many techniques for the internal shots and each garment can vary.

The tricky bit and we wish we could be of more help, are you happy with the image? chances are you are not, that’s because what you see on all high quality ecommerce site is post produced imagery, all our in camera images are put through our own internal post production using our own team, it’s not something this post can cover.

A few things to note,  colour is not all that important! this really does upset the photography world, let me explain, you need to get as close as possible to your garment, if in doubt view the garment on an ipad or similar once happy that’s as far as you can go, colour calibration ect is not needed and will in fact make thing worse, if you are going to print then disregard all this, if online read on,

There are millions of eyeballs looking at the internet, millions of monitors, all set differently, the garment can be a different colour depending on the light it is being viewed in, so in reality what are your chances to get it right for everyone, ZERO is the answer.

We can only go off experience Studio488 has produced over 2.5 million images of  clothing with only a handful of colour issues, that’s all we can go on, years of experience and millions of images.

People talk of need thing things like 300DPI this again is nonsense, unless in print, monitors work on pixels, so pixels per inch, screen resolution and images size in pixels is what is important, DPI makes no difference online except making your physical file sizes huge, so ignore your web developer when they ask for this, they are wrong.

Final thoughts, sure you can DIY your photography, but why, outsourcing your clothing photography is cheaper than doing it in house because of the results, professional imagery sell more FACT.

Invisible Mannequin photography sample image 
Invisible Mannequin and Ghost mannequin photography studio


If you need any advice on your clothing photography, its FREE to talk, give us a call on 01204 708028 or email


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