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AI-Photoshop AMAZING career ending ?


AI-Photoshop AMAZING career ending ?

AI is now doing things we would spend hours on and it’s very good at it.   The entire landscape for photographers and creatives is on the brink of fundamental change, imagine the ability to do in a few mouse click what it would take a professional with a very good skill hours to achieve.

Here is a clients image we were asked to recolor to match the mannequin images we did (credit to the photographer whoever you are)

One-click to generate a background with the result below which took about 2 mins.  I think you will agree that this is amazing.  The amount of time to create this in the normal manner would be hours, it also came with three options for the dress!  So the moral of the story is, maybe plumbing would be a better career choice at this moment in time.


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