Studio488 is no longer accepting photography assignments, our business model is changing to a consultancy role, helping retailers operate their e-commerce and retail environments. 
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Invisible Mannequin

Are you looking ecommerce photography especially clothing photography studio in the UK? look no further established in 2006 Studio488 specialises in only clothing and product photography.

All our invisible mannequin and Ghost Mannequin photography is shot and processed in our own 6500sq feet commercial photography studio by our own dedicated inhouse team.

in ecommerce photography consistency is key once on-board your images will be perfect and to you specifications each and every time.  and don’t worry about asking for slots or to see if we have availability, you simply send what you have when you want, no need to even let us know.

“We act as your very own dedicated photography team”

Convert more visitors to sales with fantastic imagery for your website and sales channels.  Our mission statement is to help our clients sell more of their stock.

Once onboard there is no need to ever ask us about slots or availability, just send in your stock, you don’t even have to tell us, the entire team is always available five days a week, every week ready to shoot your stock.

Why not use our FREE trial? test our exceptional ecommerce photography studio service before committing.  And don’t forget we will beat any like-for-like quote.

Product Photography

Packshot or product photography Supplied to you by the experts at Studio488 Est in 2006

Product photography or packshots can be multiple angles, 360 degree  rotations or a single shot.

Our price beating guarantee provides you with the knowledge that your product photography is being taken care off in our photography studio leaving you to concentrate on your business. The images have no timed license agreement, they are yours forever.

Model Photography

Using great models for Fashion e-commerce photography offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience and drive sales. Here are some key advantages:

Product Visualization: Model fashion photography brings products to life by showcasing them in a realistic and relatable way. Customers can see how the garments fit, drape, and move on a human body, providing a better understanding of the product’s look and fit.

Contextualization and Styling: Model photography helps create a desired aesthetic and style by showcasing how different pieces can be paired together. They provide inspiration and guidance on how to wear and style the products, helping customers visualize the complete outfit.

email for the best price on ecommerce photography, availability, and service the UK guaranteed.

360 degree Photography

360 product photography, we produce animated gif or totally interactive HTML5 spins, 60 images per spin is our default other companies go as low as 8, hot spots, zoom, all with responsive designs to be used on all platforms.  many many plugins allow you to integrate the files into your site.

Ecommerce Photography could not be easier


Simply send us your stock, once onboard with us there is no need to ask for availability or even tell us you are sending your stock in the future 


Once received we book your clothing or Products into our system, check the items then prepare your stock ready to shoot, this includes steaming all items with commercial grade steamers.


Your clothing photography or Product Photography is then shot by our in-house team according to your current or past instructions in one of our two studios.


Once your stock has been photographed, our in-house post-production team takes over making them look fabulous and ready for you to upload. Our price includes resizing, and renaming as per your instructions


Once the post-production and QC is completed we send you your images, before repacking perfectly and returning your stock, You will receive an invoice within a couple of days after your images are completed.

High-quality e-commerce photography plays a crucial role in the success of online businesses. There are several benefits associated with investing in great e-commerce photography by using a full time studio dedicate to clothing photography and product photography all our service are carried out in-house.

clothing and product photography studio