360 Degree Photography





ALL the high resolution images are included, below is a sample of how large the images are before being reduced for the 360 product rotation


  • HTML5, works on iPad/iPhone etc
  • 3D / 360 product photography services
  • High quality product photography
  • All configuration via a XML file
  • Real business in mind
  • No server side scripts required
  • Images by professional 360 photography studio
  • Publishing software batch processing
  • Host everything on your own servers
  • No recurring fees
  • Integrated with major ecommerce
  • iOS, Android, browsers with & without HTML5
  • Extensive hotspot support for advanced interactivity
  • Highly customizable features, skins, templates, API
  • Lightweight and fast with quick integration

Quick Integration Available for our webrotate 360 plugins.
Magento Extension
The first version of our 360 viewer plugin for Magento has been released back in 2009. Today our Magento extension has the most capabilities for presenting your 360 spins in this popular shopping platform. Featuring two integration modes, a built-in lightbox to complement Magento gallery, and various presentation capabilities, this plugin serves well many Magento stores and is quite popular on Magento Connect. This module has been completely revamped and now runs the latest stable WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.5.
OpenCart Module
The quickly rising popularity of OpenCart has caught us by surprise. It's simple, robust and free. We have heard from many users that there was a need for a reliable 360 viewing support in OpenCart and that they needed it yesterday. So we used our latest technology and experience integrating our product with various platforms, and finally introduced a hassle free 360 viewer integration that can be up and running on your OpenCart product pages in minutes.
BigCommerce Plugin Beta
When it comes to hosted shopping carts, BigCommerce is leading the pack. It eliminates most of the complexities that we usually find in many downloadable open source systems. No surprise this cart is gaining a lot of followers and stores running BigCommerce are popping up all over the World daily. After several inquiries and careful examination, we applied for our partnership status and are happy to report that our stable 360 viewer integration Beta is now available for download.
Prestashop Plugin
PrestaShop impressed us again with the release of version 1.6 that put it back to the list of our top contenders. And even though our first release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for PrestaShop a couple of years ago ended up being somewhat clumsy, it's with great relief that we can finally say that our completely reinvisioned and reworked plugin for PrestaShop 1.6 is finally available! You can always download this free 360 product viewer integration for Prestashop using this link below.
WordPress Plugin
With millions websites running on WordPress today, there has been a lot of demand for a rock solid 360 product viewer integration. We went through a couple of iterations, received plenty of user feedback and now released a comprehensive integration for WordPress that may as well compete with our Magento plugin for feature richness. Our flexible implementation allows showing your 360 views in a variety of ways, including lightbox popups, galleries, and more.
Joomla Plugin
Joomla came a long way since the Mambo days and we are proud to say that we have followed its evolution each step of the way. Without a doubt it became one of the most popular CMS platforms and the 3.x release catapulted Joomla even further. This is why we didn't think twice and shortly ported our battle-hardened feature-rich shortcode engine to Joomla to support the most flexibility our integration modules had to offer. So without further adieu, please welcome WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for Joomla!
WooCommerce Extension
Being a WordPress plugin itself, WooCommerce is quickly becoming the e-commerce platform of choice for thousands of folks who are familiar with WordPress CMS. And since it is built on top of the same platform as our WordPress integration, adding 360 views in WooCommerce using WebRotate 360 Product Viewer is readily available and straightforward - just install our new WordPress plugin (v3.0 Beta) with WooCommerce support and follow these .
Squarespace Extension
Squrespace is a popular hosted website builder and CMS featuring slick dashboard and modern themes. It has been attracting lots of creative folks and commercial photographers recently. Even small e-commerce shops driven by this modern CMS are now popping up here and there. To stay with the trend, we devised a new integration option for WebRotate's 3D product views in Squarespace that looks similar to our popular WordPress-style embed shortcode.
Weebly Extension
Weebly is fun and simple but unlike many hosted "drag & drop" website builders, it also gives you a lot of granular, developer friendly controls. With 20+ million websites and growing, Weebly is now part of our expanding CMS toolbox, giving its users a neat way to add advanced 360 and 3D product spins. We only wish that Weebly (and Squarespace!) added some support for third-party plugins so we could give our users more options.
360 View Sharing Plugin
Sometimes it's just easier to use a super simple sharing embed code to insert your 360 product photography in any place imaginable on the Internet, YouTube style. That's why we released a simple sharing module that you can host with your 360 spins on your FTP or somewhere on the cloud and share with your clients or embed into your own e-commerce store of choice using a single line of text, or in technical speak, via iFrame.