photography consultancy


Thinking of doing your photography in house or just need to make sure your processes are correct and upto date then we have the perfect service to ensure your photography is upto date and more importantly value for money. With over 14 years in the photography business as well as an additional 10 years in ecommerce. We can save you time and money by sharing our extensive expertise. we can help in the following areas.

Photography options in house or external.

ecommerce advice.

Start up advice.

In house team audit and process work flow.

External company audit, pricing, speed, Quality.


For more details on our consultancy service simply call us on 01204 708028 or drop us an email.


Craig did a wonderful job with an onsite audit of the processes we use, areas were quickly highlighted as having issues and following sound commercial advice we increased our output from our design team by almost double, The audit was a real eye opener and Craigs experience in commercial photography coupled with retail and ecommerce backgrounds really did show the gaps and issues we had in our systems. We would HIGHLY recommend this service - John Heath - Ecommerce Retailer.