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Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography covers all areas of commercial photography that falls outside of the standard ecommerce shots for product and clothing.

Lifestyle photography usually involves props and sets, as well as a more creative look at the design and placement of the items to shoot.

Combining lifestyle and ecommerce is the perfect way to up your conversions as this beings huge benefits such as customer confidence and a more professional brand awareness strategy.

Studio488 can cover most of your lifestyle needs both on location and in the studio, we have the ability to make large sets as well as the finer lifestyle shots such as macro detail shots.

Studio488 can simply hire you a photographer or be involved in the entire creative process, we understand brand development and sales structures and as such are perfectly placed to ensure your imagery is matched with sales and branding strategies.

Social media is a huge minefield and can be costly if done wrong, we ensure that forward planning avoids simple issues such as shooting in port rate doesn't transpose well to a landscape banner and visa-versa

If you need advice or want a quotation on your lifestyle photography simply call us on 01204 708028 to discus your lifestyle photography